Owners Profile

Mr. Dhan Bahadur Gurung

Mr. Dhan Bahadur Gurung is a retired Gurkha Warrant Officer Class 2.  He hails from a beautiful Gurung village, Dhampus (Jhagre) in Kaski,  west Nepal.  He is a very friendly, mature, dedicated, confident and enthusiastic person.  He is an active member of his community and always extends his help to others.  He joined the British Army (Queen’s Gurkha Engineers) in 1979.  In his distinguished military career, he gained experience in staff management, Combat Engineering, Construction, Health and Safety at work, Store Management and Hotel Management Training. He retired from the army in 1999 and moved to United State of America where he established a business. He also managed a Nepali and Indian restaurant in New York City and Portland, Maine in the United State of America.  He is a permanent resident of United State of America.  Mr. Dhan has now extended his business to the United Kingdom.  He owns and manages the Gurkha Bar and Buffet Restaurant in Weymouth, UK.  He is planning to extend his business across the United Kingdom in the near future.  Everyone is welcome here to experience the Gurkha hospitality as its best.