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Welcome to
Gurkha Bar & Buffet Restaurant
Book A Table We have awesome recipes and the most
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Welcome to Gurkha Bar & Buffet Restaurant

The Gurkha Bar and Buffet Restaurant is located on the Radipole lake, Noahs Ark, inside the Melcombe Regis Car Park in Weymouth, Dorset DT4 7TY.
The Restaurant is renowned for its Eastern cuisine offering a range of exotic and continental dishes for you, your families and friends bringing the flavor of the Eastern to your door step. We provide more then 30 varieties of delicious foods which include starters and soups that is served to the customers in the form of a buffet in the afternoon and evening open 7 days a week.
A special menu of which consists of English carvery buffet and the Oriental food buffet is available every Sunday from 12 pm to 3:30 pm for Sunday Carvery. You will be able to relax and enjoy inside or outside area (on the front deck or on the rear floating patio) with your drinks and meals. The facilities of the restaurant can also be catered for your large or small organised social events and private functions.
All you can eat from a range of six styles at fixed prices

Opening times and Price

Opening Hours 

Monday to Saturday

12 pm to 2:30 pm and 5:00 pm to 10:30 pm


12 pm to 3:00 and 5:00 pm to 10:30 pm





Monday to Saturday

Lunch £12:00 per person

£9 per child

Monday to Saturday

Dinner £17 per person

£10 per child

Sunday Lunch

£13 per person

£9 per child

Sunday Dinner

£17 per person

£10 per child

Disclaimer – Anyone age 9 and under is classed as children and height restrictions apply also.

The prices may vary from time to time during Special Occasions and Christmas period, Please contact management to enquire.

Our Favourites

Discover Our Menu

Appetizers Beef Dishes Chicken Dishes Pork Dishes Vegetables Dishes

Saag Aloo £4.19

Saag Paneer £ 6.10

Mutter Paneer £6.10

Dal (Lentils) £4.10

Chana Masala £4.10

Aloo Gobi £4.10

Mixed Vegetable in Garlic & Chilli Sauce (Spicy) £5.30

Stir-Fried Broccoli £4.50

Bombay Aloo £4.10

Bean Curd in Sate Sauce £5.30

Mixed Vegetables in Sate Sauce £5.30

Mixed Vegetables with Green Pepper and Black Bean Sauce £5.30

Stir-Fried Mange tout £5.00

Stir-Fried Mushroom £4.80

Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetable £5.00

Sliced Beef in Sate Sauce £6.00

Sliced Beef with Mixed Vegetable £5.80

Sliced Beef with Bamboo Shoots in Oyster Sauce £5.80

Sliced Beef with Mushroom £5.80

Stir-Fried Sliced Beef with Cashewnuts £5.80

Beef in Szechuan Sauce £5.50

Beef with Chilli Bean £5.50

Beef with Black Bean Sauce £6.00

Aromatic Shredded Crispy Beef in Three Flavour Sauce £6.20

Chicken Dansak £7.10

Chicken Korma £7.00

Chicken Tikka Masala £7.00

Chicken Jalfrezi £7.10

Chicken Dopiaza £7.10

Butter Chicken £7.10

Chicken Madras £7.10

Chicken Vindaloo £7.10

Gurkha Chicken Curry (Medium to Hot) £7.10

Chicken with Mangetout £5.80

Pan-Fried Chicken Fillet with Orange Sauce £5.80

Pan-Fried Chicken Fillet with Lemon Sauce £5.80

Chicken with Pineapple £5.80

Chicken with Mushroom £5.80

Shredded Crispy Chilli Chicken £6.20

Chicken with Black Bean Sauce £5.80

Chicken in Szechuan Sauce £5.80

Chicken with Cashewnuts £5.80

Garlic Chicken £5.80

Gurkha Pork Curry (Medium to Hot) £ 7.10

Sliced Pork with Ginger and Onion £6.20

Sliced Roast Pork (Charsiu) in Garlic & Chilli Sauce (Spicy) £5.80

Sliced Roast Pork (Charsiu) With Mangetout £5.80

Sliced Roast Pork with Panang Sauce £5.80

Sliced Roast Pork with Green Pepper & Black Bean Sauce £6.20

Sliced Roast Pork with Oyster Sauce £5.80

Sliced Roast Pork with Black Bean Sauce £5.80

Sliced Roast Pork with Mushroom £5.80

Sliced Roast Pork with Mixed Vegetables £5.80

Sliced Roast Pork with Peanut Sauce £6.00

Sliced Roast Pork with Szechuan Sauce (Spicy) £5.80

Sliced Roast Pork (Charsiu) £5.80

Peshwari Nan Bread with Coconut and Ground Sultan £2.90

Garlic Nan Bread with Fresh Garlic £2.50

Plain Nan Bread £2.00

Aloo Dam £4.00

Pork Momo (Dumpling) £6.50

Chicken Momo (Dumpling) £6.50

Vegetable Momo (Dumpling) £5.00

Tandoori Chicken Wings £6.00

Vegetable Samosa £3.50

Vegetable Spring Roll £3.50

Chicken Pakora £4.50

Vegetable Pakora £3.50

Onion Bhaji £3.50

Chicken Tikka £3.99

Potato Dumplings £3.99

Prawn Toast £5.00

Prawn Crackers New £2.20

Vegetable Spring Roll £3.50

Vegetable Samosa £3.50

Crispy Seaweed £3.99

Deep Fried Chicken Ball with Sweet & Sour Sauce £6.20

Chicken Wings Salt & Pepper £6.20

Chicken Satay in Skewers (5) With Peanut Sauce Selection £5.50

Fried King Prawn Salt & Pepper £6.50

Fried Fish Chilli Pepper Recommended £5.10

Crispy Won Ton with Sweet & Sour Sauce £6.50

A Warm, Charming Atmosphere

Private Dining & Events

Allow us to make your next special event extra special. We cater for all sized functions, ideal for your larger functions or an intimate gathering, our team can curate a menu to suit your taste.
Private Dining & Events
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