Gurkha Poem

From where come these warriors with kukris in hand,
led into battle by a stirring pipe band,
They came from the high country by the name of Nepal,
As soldiers deserving the title “Loyal”

Across fields of slaughter in some foreign land,
Over seas, in mountains, desert, jungle and sand,
They fought and they suffered disease, wounds and all,
Sometimes outnumbered with backs to the wall

These men with such pride and willingness to serve,
Have our admiration they richly deserve,
The enemy shudder in positions where they lie,
When out of the dark is heard”AYO GURKHALI”

Out of the gloom they weathered the fire,
Running full speed they never tire,
With kukris drawn at defences they rushed,
Position is soon taken,the enemy crushed

These smart friendly men in the khaki slouch hat,
Are the best we have served with there is no doubt of that,
Salute “Johny Gurkha” a soldier so brave,
Medals for gallantry,lives willingly gave

To these brave young warriors who came from Nepal,
We respect you, salute you, to you we owe all,
May your heroism flourish of deeds you have done,
In our hearts and memories you will never be gone

Regiments disappearing and soldiers grow old,
Lets remember this motto to be written in gold,
Arise “Johny Gurkha” to your rightful place,
The best fighting soldier in the whole human race.

Harry Power